Monday, December 31, 2007


A Plain Sunset gig is a sight to behold. Sunshine punk pop that generates a response that is at once energetic and passionate. A veteran of the local scene, the band shows no sign of slowing down, having wowed the kids at Baybeats and undertaking a tour in the Philippines this year. Sham kindly agreed to answer my nosy questions -

What kind of year did Plain Sunset have in 2007?

Oh we had a few hiccups with the recording but its all sorted out. We played a great set at Baybeats 07! Played shows in KL and the Philipines so it is a great year! We can't wait to release the new record in 2008 ... so watch out for that one.

What were the unforgettable moments in 2007?

The packed crowd at baybeats 07 and our Philipines tour ... that's awesome!

What are you hoping for in 2008?

Hope people buy our new record and play more shows!
As veterans of the local scene, are you optimistic about the years to come?

We just do what we like and think is right. It's ok if people don't really like what we are doing but the most important thing is that we are still having fun and enjoying what we do since day 1.

What can fans expect from Plain Sunset at Stasis 10?

A sweaty, energetic and fun set! Better than stasis 9!

What more incentive do you need?! More info about Plain Sunset here.


John Chiong said...

hi kevin,

you have such a great work going on here, all the reports and i really love your writings... honest and farely neutral.. (i do know you do have some favourites here and there) yet, it's very inspiring to see you doing this. keep it going... have a great year ahead!


Kevin Mathews said...

Thanks, John! Appreciate your kind words. WMUM rules!!! Keep up the great work!!!