Sunday, December 23, 2007


Faithful readers will be aware that three-quarters of YaWA are also in the Groovy People. Despite that, please believe me when I say that this fledging band stands out from many of their peers for their unique sound, which is a muscular hybrid of classic psychedelic blues and modern post-rock.

I posed some questions to YaWA frontman Bonk and here are his responses -

What do you think YaWA achieved in 2007?

YaWA? started to come out of the closet..erm..ok..jamming studios in 2007. We started to play live shows but we didn't get to play many...

What was the high point for YaWA in 2007?

I feel that there were a couple of high points this year. First, our first "real" gig at Bar None. It was like a "breakthrough" gig for us. Some of the people who attended the gig were people we really respect and look up to. A really amazing night! Second was joining the Ballyhoo programme by MFG and getting to record a song (Ordinary is King - KM), which turned out very nice in our opinion. We got to see our song transform from the jamming studio/live version to a real album sort of version. It was mindblowing even for ourselves.

What does YaWA hope to do in 2008?

We hope to record an EP. In order to fund that, we need to play more shows( which we really like to do as well). So yeah, playing more shows and releasing a physical EP.

What can fans expect from YaWA at Stasis 10?

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

What do you hope to see in the local music scene in a year's time?

We hope to see musicians being able to quit their day jobs doing their own original music.

So make a date with YaWA at Stasis 10 on 5 Jan 08 at the Substation. In the meantime, you can listen to YaWA music here.

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