Saturday, May 12, 2007


He's probably going to say "your head ah!" to these comments but HYR is my guitar hero. In no way belittling the fabulous contribution of Ngak, Clement and Syed, HYR was the core of Timmy last night during their fab three sets at Timbre.
HYR did everything right - I don't mean he didn't hit any bum notes (he did) - but his guitar work was always perfect for the song and that to me is a guitar hero. Jumping from genre to genre from 70s classic rock to 90s Britpop to modern day Jonny Greenwood doodling, HYR showed his true range.
Wow! Coolness!
Timmy is a great band and Friday night at Timbre is compulsory for any and all modern rock lovers...
...and there may be more to come from Timmy and your humble writer in the immediate future...

Friday, May 11, 2007


It’s Friday night! Thank God!
It’s been a long workweek and I’ve been working till past 8 almost every day so I am certainly looking forward to the weekend!
…tonight, from 10pm to 1am, Timmy viz. HYR, Ngak, Clement and Syed Hader will be on hand to entertain us at Timbre.
Ric and I will be there so why don’t you come along as well.
More info –
See you!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Check out Power98 DJ Rosalyn Lee's blog in which she shares about her Singapore Day experience.
Despite not having a single pic of yours truly, I enjoyed reading it.
Now, now, Ros is a really nice girl with a truly wicked sense of humour, of which I will not elaborate.
Take my word for it.
Oh... and I sent in my first song to HYR last night.
Think it's a good one - we will see...
...and there's more...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


So Singapore Day videos may be accessed here -

But be warned, they are pretty low quality. Which really surprised me. You can actually get better quality videos at Youtube! What gives, eh?

Also, I appear for about 1 second in the Performances video - not that that had anything to do with my unenthusiastic comments.


See for yourself...


Speaking of HYR, you really must check out his excellent blog. It's hugely entertaining and self-effacing and fun.


For what seems like the longest time, I’ve wanted to break into the Mandopop/Cantopop markets as a songwriter – or what HYR eloquently describes as the “Cheena” music market. I signed up with Touch Publishing with the late Ng Guan Seng for that exact purpose but for some reason it never worked out – probably my stubbornness of refusing to write songs specifically for the market, insisting that he convert my existing English songs.
Then, One Leg Kicking came along and there was even a Cheena version of My One & Only (with Mandarin lyrics by someone Murmur Music arranged – sorry but I really don’t know who it was – and sung by Sharon Au) that didn’t do anything. My feeling was that if my most commercial song didn’t stand a chance then might as well give up.
But meeting HYR has of course, changed my thinking.
I asked HYR how I would go about presenting a new song to a Chinese lyricist and he gave me a few tips. But key to him was “commercial potential” – the hooks etc.
I mean, the man should know right?
… I’ve written a few that may be right but as I got a little nervy about sending HYR just any old crap and ruining my cred, I thought I better re-look at those tunes, fine tune and buff them up for the big audition… will keep you all posted of the outcome.
Is this what American Idol feels like…?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


So Ric thought it’d be a good idea if I came down to Wala Wala at Holland V to check out a girl singer whom he had described as “adorable” and blessed with a “great voice”.
And so… I did (and was joined by Ric, Ian & HYR) and there was a young group called Hush performing – 2 girls and 2 boys. One of the girls was Kewei whom Ric had raved about.
And indeed, Kewei is a sweet girl with a voice to match. Unfortunately, many of the songs, which she sang, did not seem to suit her voice e.g. Modern pop music from John Mayer, Maroon 5 et al. But she had style, stage presence and a bubbly personality that carried her over those obstacles well. With the right song(s), who knows, what Kewei might achieve? And maybe I’m the songwriter to deliver precisely that…
And Kewei was generous enough to invite HYR and I on stage to sing a couple of songs and we obliged with Never Liked the Beatles and My One and Only (of course!). This was the very 1st time I’ve ever played with HYR and he is a guitar hero in my book. Wow, the man is sooo talented. Really have to do more with HYR!
The crowd response was great (as in Timbre last time) and it greatly humbled me. After all, I am an ‘amateur’ compared to everyone else but maybe it is time to turn pro… The support and encouragement from everyone I’ve met on this renewed endeavour has been tremendous. I know I’m on the right track.
As for Kewei, still there’s more… check her out at these links.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Some years back, I was asked to contribute to a book on the local (as in Singaporean) indie music scene. My segment was called "The Long and Winding Road" which seemed to adequately describe my experience as a musician in Singapore. Also, the song has always been one of fave Beatles/Macca tracks. And yes, it's the Phil Spector-produced one that I dig and not the silly "Naked" thing that Macca did later. Although I might add that the live version on Wings Over America was rather cool.
But I digress...
Anyhow, the book was a flop which says more about the non-existent indie music scene then it does about the relative merits of the book.
In any case, here I am fresh from a eye-opening trip to New York - where I performed at the Singapore Day event at Wollman Rink in Central Park (for more details, please visit - and I am raring to make a bit of a go at the good old music making again.
Sure, I'm 46 years old, with graying hair, wrinkled, a demanding day job as a lawyer and a little out of the limelight for a while (how's a decade sound to you?!) but nothing is impossible, right, if you believe, right?
So, if you wanna come along for the ride as I begin yet another journey down that long and winding road, make sure you bookmark this blog and come visit me regularly because I intend to blog as much as I bloody well can. While I can...
Still there's more.