Sunday, September 23, 2007


A question.

How do you properly enjoy a rock concert sitting down on the floor?

You don't...

Singaporeans love to be comfortable, don't they?

It's either moshing or sitting down, take yer pick...!

Rant over.

Last night, Tiramisu, Typewriter and The Great Spy Experiment helped to celebrate the Substation's 17th anniversary. And it was a great show... despite the bad sound (I know, I know - it's Singapore & it's something we need to live with... for now).

This is the first time I've ever seen Tiramisu perform... incredible when you consider that they've been around for a decade, though during that 10 year period, I had more or less given up on the local scene.

I've heard good things about the band and all the rave reviews were justified. I love their edgy Britpop approach, with traces of Oasis, Verve, Orange Juice and the like easily discerned. But Tiramisu's main focal point is the antics of frontman Rizman Putra, who effortlessly builds a rapport with the crowd with his stage presence and humor....and they did an ace cover of that old soul chestnut Never Can Say Goodbye. Hard to believe that they haven't issued an album yet but I understand that it's in the works. Can hardly wait.
I've known Chang Kang and Pat since the early 90s and it's always good to watch them cos you're assured of melody and power. Typewriter basically plays powerpop with a Neil Young twang and with strong vocals from Chang Kang, Pat and Des, this sweet tune junkie's need was well satisfied. Again, no sign of an album from Typewriter yet but with material this dynamic, it's a travesty if that long awaited debut album does not appear soon... So Chang Kang, how?
The icing on the cake was of course, GSE whose set consisted of all the songs off the wonderful Flower Show Riots...

(Get it! Get It! Get it! Now!!!)

The band began a little tenatively, the truly bad sound getting in the way but once the band warmed up, there was no stopping them as they reeled out the gems - Late Night Request, Class 'A' Love Affair, The Great Decay and Siti in the City - to rapturous applause and cheers from the audience. Although, it still amazes me that one can listen to GSE's dance-oriented rock and not ... move...

Mmm, Singaporeans and their comfort zones...

It was past 11pm by the time GSE finished and I decided to hang around and was pleased to witness Norman, a German fan, pick up Flower Show Riots, proof positive of its appeal...

I was feeling rather peckish and so I tagged along as Fandy, Mike, Mag, Khai Song, Alex and Ros hopped over to Timbre for food and drinks.

Over at Timbre, Goodfellas were playing and what a impressive professional performance it was. Tight and versatile, the Goodfellas were equally at home with rock, rap and reggae. Man, if they'd entered the farcical contest that is Live The Dream, they would have won easily... well, IMHO anyway. Great food, great drinks and Great Spies, what more could anyone want?

Oh... and a shout out to the awesome GSE street team - FreakyFir and Audie - you guys RAWK!!!

... still there's more...