Friday, November 30, 2007


Well, I arrived at Home Club last night at about 10pm. It was virtually deserted.
Score one for the ego!
I was not too bothered. I was more interested in seeing how James would work out on his Groovy People debut. In a lot of ways, this line up was infinitely more portable but of course, not as fun as the full band (even sans bass).
Also, gave me the chance to get to know James a little better.
The set unfolded easily and came across well enough, I guess. It was great to have James’ lead guitar in the mix – certainly added more flavor and colour to the proceedings. The boy is good, no doubt!
I enjoyed playing the Stones covers – very cool feeling…

Set list –

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
Lady Jane
Dead Flowers
Wild Horses

Never Liked the Beatles
I Love Singapore

Razi was as usual in apologetic mood but there was no need to be. I am so glad to have Razi as such a loyal supporter. It was also great to see Cherie, Esther, Jade and Soowei (who both missed the performance!), Bang and Jbarks! Also, it was a pleasure to meet Benjamin and Mark from

A satisfying night, all told.

… but there’s more …

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I know.
It's been awfully quiet here at S-ROCK.
I haven't been to a gig in a while - since GSE at Timbre I believe.
So no gig reviews.
I skipped Lime Sonic Bang, that nEBO thingy & the Confessions of a Pop Junkie, mainly because I've been jamming or writing songs or plain chilling out at home. Or feeling a little alienated... guess you could say I'm trying to avoid certain um people... but that's another story.
Tonight I'm jamming again with GSE, Thursday, James & I will be playing at Home Club & will also be attending the press con for Michael's Carrot Cake Conversations on the same day.
Friday... the missus will be gone for another two weeks (!) and the melancholy blues are comin' again.
Guess that means more songwriting on the cards.
See you when I see you...