Friday, December 14, 2007


Last night, James and I played in our first corporate function gig at MWH's Christmas Party 2007. It was a challenge as we had to perform two 45 minute sets to an audience that were to all intents and purposes at the party to eat, drink and be merry.

By all accounts, I believe that we went down pretty well, all things considered and the audience responded positively not only to the familiar covers but to some of my originals also. Thanks to Bian and all at MWH!


Set list-

Imagine (John Lennon)

Yesterday (Beatles)

I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Beatles)

Never Liked the Beatles


Calypso Carol

My One & Only

Have Yourself A Groovy Christmas


I Started A Joke


To Love Somebody

I Love Singapore


Silent Night

Feel the Same Way

Keep the Faith

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

I really dig James' guitar work - so complementary and graceful - of course, it would have been cooler with Adam/Benita... but good enough.
Also, the gig was a fine warm-up for the Esplanade show tomorrow. Hope to see you guys and gals there!

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Monday, December 10, 2007


Sunday had started well enough at 4am with that GSE gig at ZoukOut but with the onset of heavy weather and an unfortunate accident - I slipped at the entrance of my condo and fell unceremoniously on my arse - I was having my doubts.
So when the Groovy People (Adam, Benita & James) and I arrived at the Hacienda for the charity gig, our spirits were certainly dampened by the torrential rain. But in my heart, I chose to ignore the circumstances and had faith that the LORD had a purpose for our being there.
As it was, we took to the stage an hour later than scheduled and so delivered a truncated set - My One & Only, Beautiful & Gum. Minor hiccups with the 1st two songs but I could tell that, especially with Gum, we went down well with the predominantly caucasion audience.
But kudos to the Groovy People, who put in a short & sharp performance - tight & edgy - it went so natural and so right. Being in front and in control - so to speak - was an entirely different experience from playing with GSE.
Don't get me wrong. As much as that thrilled me, there is nothing quite like hearing your songs coming together into a thing of beauty!
If anyone reading this was at Hacienda yesterday evening, I want to apologize for the brevity of our set and promise two 45 minute sets this Saturday at the Esplanade, Stage @ Powerhouse if you want more of the Groovy People...
Thanks so much to Shazz, Matt and Miles - really hope that we can work together again!

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Sunday, December 09, 2007


I had a few concerns about how performing at ZoukOut would turn out.
I mean, 4am? Wasn't sure whether I'd be up (or down) for that.
Also, would I remember the words, would I look awkward during the moments I was not singing?
Especially, how would I look with my grey hair...?

Glad to report that all the doubts melted away the moment we launched into Dance With Me and the best gig I've done since New York in April got underway.

The energy levels were overwhelming. On stage, we had Fandy(!), Ngak, Haffiz, Famie, Mojo and myself singing, dancing and generally getting crazy as the sizable crowd fed off and reciprocated the passion.
I sang lead vocals for The Great Decay and Late Night Request and I could see that the audience was really into the songs and the performance. So it came so effortlessly to sing and put my heart into every line.

And even when I was not singing, it was just being electric being on stage - doing the backing vox, jumping like an idiot or simply soaking in the atmosphere.
The instrumental sections sounded so powerful from stage - Fandy, Mag, Khai, Song and Matt simply clicked and the sheer intensity was like a bullet train speeding through the Siloso Beach!
It was fun to see all those happy faces smiling, singing along and wincing in pleasure, fists punching the early morning air, hands clapping. pogoing, swaying, shaking... you name it, they did it!
After it was all over, I knew that in my heart I would never ever forget last night/this morning - an inspiring event on par with Central Park for Singapore Day.

... I want MORE!!!

Thanks to the Great Spy Experiment, truly the hottest band in Singapore now, the Pinholes - the people's band - to Ngak, a true rock star in every sense of the word and of course the awesome fans, for making Zoukout 2007 a memorable occasion for me.

Thanks to FreakyFir for the pix!