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The gig organizer. Not someone who is often in the spotlight. So for a change I thought I'd do something different and kick-off the promo efforts for Fasten Your Seltbelts with an interview with Rach, the young lady behind this gig, which comes up on 26 Jan 08 at the Guiness Theatre, the Substation. Take it away, Rach...

Why organize local gigs?

For me, it is my passion and my utmost interest to organise and plan events. I love to work with people. You can also say that it the least I can do to play my part in the scene.

What do you do in the “real” world?

In my “real” world, I help run a monthly gig called ‘Deafcon’ and I am currently organising Fasten Your Seatbelts!. I love music with a red hot passion and I play a bit of drums. Other than that, I'm a student, taking Multimedia and Infocomm in Nanyang Poly. Currently doing my final year attachment. I go to work all day long and shake my leg.

How did the idea of Fasten Your Seatbelts! come about?

Well, my friend and I were studying for our Math paper one night. We were talking over the phone (whilst studying) about the school's band competition (BandzOut 2006/07) that we were part of (I was the co-organiser of that event.). Then suddenly, I exclaimed, "Let's organise a Halloween gig!" We got really excited about it, I closed my book, took out a piece of paper and started writing out the general details and stuff. Unfortunately, the Halloween gig did not happen as the school was not supportive of it in terms of sponsoring cash and a venue. So I told myself that I was going to organise my own event, outside of school. It was scary at first; seeing that I did not have any experience organising an event from scratch (which included seeking out for sponsors and such) Luckily, I met a few people like eXe, who helped guide me through; Kenneth, who funded the whole show; Lil'rampage, who helped me along the way with certain details here and there. Without them, I might not have been able to make the first installment of Fasten Your Seatbelts!, as successful as it was.

What was the criteria for band selection?

Basically, I want a gig which involves bands of different genres, bands who have more or less carved their name in the scene, and young bands. For the previous and the current Fasten Your Seatbelts!, I made sure that for each 'young' band in the lineup, I had an experienced band. This is to allow the young bands to play together with their more experienced counterparts so as to garner exposure and experience while building their confidence level as musicians.

How did you get involved in the local music scene?

I can say that my first time attending a local gig was when I went to watch Summer's Over at the Woodlands Community Club. That sparked off my curiosity and interest to watch bands perform live. What really got me involved was when I helped organise my school’s annual band competition. I was scouting for guest bands and judges and through that, I got to know more people who are so much more involved in the scene. Made friends with them and yeah, took my first official step into the scene.
What can the fans expect to get out of Fasten Your Seatbelts?

Look at the lineup, I think everyone would know what to expect!

What has been your favourite local gig so far?

The first installment of Deafcon (24th March 2007); Although it had only 3 bands (Bad Obsession, Firebrands and West Grand Boulevard), they were (and are still) three of my favourite bands to watch live on stage without any interruptions in-between.
Where do you see the local music scene one year from now?

To be honest, I really don’t know! However, I can safely say that right now, we are getting more support from the younger generation. I’m saying this based on my observation from running Deafcon.

Inspiring and encouraging to know that the local music scene is in good hands for the forseeable future. With dedicated folk like Rach behind the scenes, the future's so bright...

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