Saturday, January 19, 2008


They call it weekend trip. Every 3rd Saturday of the month, the Youth Park hosts several hot and sweaty youths as they mosh, bodysurf and sway to the sounds of S-Rock.

I arrived too late to catch Strayvoice but was just in time for the Pinholes. I've not seen the Pinholes play live for sometime now so this was a treat. The boys were their exuberant selves but sadly Haffiz was recovering from a sprained ankle so he was rather subdued. Still that did not stop the kids from groovin' the usual suspects - Shake and Bake, Long Live Rock 'n' Roll and a stomping Spacemen Over Malaysia, that classic Force Vomit nugget. It was a nice change to see boys and girls dancing along, instead of the usual practice of girls trying to get out of the way of the moshing.Now, the last time I saw Force Vomit play was in the 90s and boy, have they 'toughened up' their sound since. The surf-mat-punk had morphed into something muscular & heavy, neither metal or hardcore, the best way to describe it would be garage-rock. Whatever it was, the kids lapped it up and the moshing began in earnest. The crowd continued to swell and there must have been more than 300 bodies crushed together as Dino and gang held court. The kids hung on every riff and every word, the band was certain the master of its own domain. The guitars were thick and the drums thunderous, a feisty sound that reveled in big drums and direct guitars.
Saw many cool people there too viz. Song & Huzaifah (GSE), Josh, JBarks & Chris (Fire Fight), Syed (WGB), George Chua, Dex (*scape), Esmond (VR/WMUM), Ronny & Jon (Plain Sunset) ... all told a fun Singapore Music Scene night...
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