Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I've had a couple of days to reflect on Stasis 10 with B-Quartet's awesome Tomorrow Is Our Permanent Address as the perfect soundtrack.
Personally, Stasis 10 was my first gig in quite a while. Well, a gig in which I was not performing but watching, that is.
I got to the Substation early to catch the soundchecks and caught a few certainly. A little disappointed to see the lack of a stage and concerned about the implications.
The bands that played in the afternoon had maybe twenty people for an audience. Which is a bit of a shame. Someone remarked to me that perhaps it's not a good idea to hold a gig on a Saturday afternoon. It was the same for Rock the Sub as well - so might be some truth in that.
I mean as much as I admire the ambition of these events - eleven bands in eight hours - sometimes I wonder if it's all a little too much. Perhaps, it would be better to maybe have a gig that starts at night - one main headliner and two opening bands. Or something like that.
Of course, the main objection to this arrangement would be less opportunities for bands although I do not seriously think that this is a problem if the forum posts at SOFT are anything to go by.
Anyways... not to take anything away from the superlative achievement of NUS OMS in putting it all together...
What I'm trying to say is that these "rojak" events do have bit of a downside in that the earlier bands do not get the exposure you might expect. That said, its promising to see local bands opening for bigger foreign bands e.g. Fire Fight and West Grand Boulevard for Switchfoot at the end of the month. Also encouraging to learn about more CD launches and more local headlining gigs at the Esplanade Recital Studio. This is the direction I want to see our local scene go... a local band selling out the Indoor Stadium, now that's a goal to work towards... who would it be?

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Anonymous said...

If I had to place my bets on a local band selling out the indoor stadium, it would be king kong jane. But they need more time to polish up their sound and for the singapore music scene to heat up further.

I just hope that king kong jane would not give up/slow down the place of their work... If they kep going at it,maybe in 5/10 years they would really sell out the indoor stadium. Some other bands had the potential, but they stopped playing too early.

I thought the suns had the potential to make it real big in singapore, but it was a pity...