Sunday, January 13, 2008


On Thursday, 31st January 2008, "sweaty" American rock band, Switchfoot, makes its debut live appearance in Singapore. The band's vocalist Jon Foreman kindly answers my nosy questions by email.

What are your expectations about performing in Singapore?

can't wait, it's going to be great.

How did the opportunity to play in Singapore come about?

long story short, we get offers from all over... and we like this part of
the world!

What is the story behind “lowercase people”? What does it mean?

What is its vision and philosophy?

the goal behind lowercase people was to in act out what we sing about
outside of our songs. It started with a record that we tracked down in South
Africa of a choir comprised primarily of orphans.

What were your reasons for leaving a major label and starting

your own independent label?

we felt like we could do a better job representing the music.

lp is more than a label isn’t it? What inspired its genesis?

lp represents a vision.
we want to see things change all over the globe.
we want to bring other people who inspire us up on the platform we've been
given. we want to see community.

Will lp records release music by other artists besides Switchfoot?
What kind of music does lp records intend to release?
Would lp release a Singaporean band (like the Fire Fight or West Grand Boulevard, who are opening for you)? What would it take for that to happen?

right now we're just releasing our own tunes, (and the kuyasa kids).
but maybe someday we will be able to provide more for other bands.
when we know that we can do this with excellence we will try and figure it out.
we have no intentions of becoming "big business"...

How would you describe a Switchfoot concert?

sweaty american rock

How does the band prepare for a tour? What is the best thing about touring?

The worst?

preparation: clean socks
best: amazing musical and interpersonal connectivity
worst: horrible isolation

What is the first thing you’re going to do in Singapore?

get a proper tour of the culture and learn a few key phrases

Is there anything you want to say to your fans in Singapore?

life is short live it well...

So... what are you waiting for? Get your tickets here.

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