Friday, February 01, 2008


Get the basics right, is what I always say, and you're halfway there. In a music scene dominated by bands trying to sound hip and cool and "with it", it is refreshing to come across a band like Leeson. Comprising of Gerald (guitar), Jamie (vocals), Brian (bass), Thomas (guitar) and Mark (drums), Leeson focus on the fundamentals - melodies, harmonies, tight rhythms and vocal quality - and take it from there.
I enjoyed Leeson's set at Stasis 10 and was suitably intrigued when Brian invited me to its gig at Home Club. Before the event, I sat down for dinner with the group (sans Jamie) and found them pleasingly down-to-earth and keenly aware of the realities of the Singapore music scene. The main objective was to play live and have fun.
This cavalier attitude belied a determination to be unique and exciting in a music scene that so often propounds uniformity over creativity. The three guitar players all sported headwear that seemed quaint and Jamie was attired in a full suit but it was their music that truly set them apart.
Memorable songs with irresistibly catchy choruses like current single, Absolute Beginners ( and set closer, The King are prime examples of the strength of Leeson's repertoire. Primarily Britpop-based and rooted in the classic songcraft of the 70s, these songs prove that there is something special about Leeson and certainly deserving of a bigger stage. Catch them live the next time they play - a highly recommended pop experience.
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farizwan said...

hello kevin! what a nice surprise! i didn't know you had a blog. and i've been going through your past entries and all and it's a fine read! :)


Gerald said...

you are very most welcome! and thanks for your kind kind words.

Anonymous said...

i love leeson's Hero Music. brilliant EP and well worth hunting for