Sunday, February 24, 2008


Saiful and I congratulated Bani Haykal for yet another great B-Quartet performance. The shy young frontman thanked us profusely for staying for the 2nd set, which ended about 11pm at the Stage @ Powerhouse. 
Honestly, that 2nd set was particularly memorable even as the 1st set was slightly uneven. Maybe it had something to do with the overpowering booming sound that was all too evident from my vantage point in that 1st set.
But that 2nd
Within each tight delivery of their awesome songs (from the wonderful Tomorrow is our Permanent Address), the band was still able to improvise subtle little changes with added to the overall pleasing experience. 
The highlight for me was the merging of two of my favorite songs viz. Shoebox and Boutique - "morbidly fun" indeed.
The growing appeal of B-Quartet was clearly indicated by the sizable crowd including notable Singapore scene folk like Saiful (0f course), Syed Hader, Inch & HQ, Adam & Beni, James L, Soo, Huz, Fir, Audie, Bani Rahman, Thomas (Perplezed), Johnson et al.
A splendid time was had by all...
... and there's more...

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freakyfir said...

eh alamak kevin. i'm no singapore scene folk lah.. just a silly boy with a camera..