Friday, February 01, 2008


Still buzzing...
...from the distorted noise that passed for sound quality at the Max Pavilion.
Notwithstanding that drawback, deeply impressed with Switchfoot and particularly, Jon Foreman.
The Switchfoot frontman certainly gave the fans their money's worth with his antics. Well, twice he jumped into the crowd and stood up amongst them to sing. He was equally adept with the guitar as he was with the microphone - swinging, leaping and holding the rapt crowd in the palm of his hand. The consummate showman.
Not that the band did not play their part as Switchfoot ripped through their stellar material to universal acclaim - Oh! Gravity, Stars, This Is Your Life, Ammunition, Dirty Second Hands, We Are One Tonight and so on.
However, the coolest moment came midway through American Dream when the band stopped in their tracks, frozen in motion for a couple of minutes - an amazing sight to behold!
As the set wore on, Switchfoot got stronger and stronger and proved themselves to be one of the finer modern pop-rock bands out there.
And that's what I really dig about Switchfoot, they're certainly no bandwagon jumpers but true blue straight ahead rock 'n' rollers.
In that sense, Switchfoot deserved a bigger Singaporean platform to showcase their obvious talent but at least both band and audience had a splendid time.
I know I did.
Kudos to WMUM for a fine show and especially to Esmond for making things happen.
And...a shout out to Keith, Jack, Dong, Iain, Jon, Lennat and the girl who asked me if I was the Watchmen...

...and there's more...

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