Monday, February 04, 2008


Besides Tomorrow Is Our Permanent Address, here's a list of some of the songs that have been heavily rotating at S-ROCK central.

Closure - Allura

Courtesy of Nick Chan, this raw, unmixed recording of one of my favourite Allura songs struck me as a little meek when I first heard it but it has somehow gained strength with each succeeding listen. I imagine that there is a lot of work to be done before it's finished but the sheer power of the song shines through. Inch sounds suitably emotional with her impassioned vocals but it is HQ that carries the track with his intricate drumming. More the sum of its individual parts, this version of Closure, if nothing else, will keep me hungry for the 'real thing' when it comes...

Captain Funkycurls - The Great Spy Experiment

A track that has gone AWOL from the GSE setlist (though it was encored at ZoukOut!) but upon closer examination, it is a wondrous distillation of all the groovy Britpop influences that made Flower Show Riots such an enjoyable album. Certainly, it contains one of the most affected vocals from Saiful ("gloawing"?) and the line "So come aboard and fly with me" truly soars. Perhaps one of the more organic GSE tracks - looking forward to hearing the band play Captain Funkycurls live once again... "Come on now!"

Fiona - Jack and Rai

This is either a demo or a preliminary recording that I have a few concerns about but in essence, contains one of the catchiest choruses around. Presented in a power pop fashion (ala Fountains of Wayne), I can imagine Fiona sitting comfortably in the Billboard Top Twenty (with accompanying music video, of course!). It's deceptively simple but isn't that's how all the great pop songs kinda creep up on you? Can't wait for the album to check out the final product...

Ordinary is King - You and Whose Army?

Ah, this dreamy space rock song has long convinced me that You and Whose Army? could possible bridge the gap between arty post-rock and classic pop-rock in the Singapore music scene. With a melancholy vibe that never relents with a sustaining edge that builds in crescendo till the heady climax. Bonk and Beni sound heavenly harmonizing over the chorus, James' slide guitar is simply gorgeous and Adam's bass provides the throbbing backbone. I could listen to this forever...

Absolute Beginners - Leeson

It takes balls to call your song Absolute Beginners. I mean, there are already two great songs with that name, one by the Jam and the other by David Bowie. So it better be good. No, it better be bloody awesome! Amazingly enough, Leeson manage to come up with a song that lives up to those finest Britpop traditions. It helps when your vocalist is a Brit, I guess, but the entire track flows with all the right juices - from the Kinks to Blur to Arctic Monkeys - and showcases a irresistible chorus that should have most audiences singing along to.

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fictionaire said...

Totally agree with you on "Ordinary is King". Love the guitar work, and Bonk's vocals sound brilliantly haunting here.

"Gloawing" rhymes with "swollen". I think. Haha.. I'm surprised you didn't pick up on the "kia mun". :)

brian koh said...

wow Kevin, thanks much for featuring Leeson as part of your Hi-Five!

and Kathleen from the children's group with a similar band name is quite a hottie -))) *smirk*