Monday, February 04, 2008


Bloody awesome!
That's the only way I could describe what I'd witnessed at the Indoor Stadium tonight.
Kudos to Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland and Sting for not coasting this reunion tour. Instead, the Police put their heart and soul into a solid two hours of sheer rockin' pleasure.
All the usual suspects were reeled out to universal acclaim. The 10,000-strong crowd enjoyed every minute right from the moment the trio opened the set with Message in a Bottle.
It was obvious that the band was trying its best to keep the songs fresh by tweaking arrangements and even mixing tracks together e.g. Voices Inside My Head and When the World is Running Down and Can't Stand Losing You and Regatta de Blanc.
Strangely enough, for me, it all really hit home with Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, which I've always considered to be lightweight and trivial. Yet, in the midst of the song, whilst I was dancing, clapping and singing along, I must confessed I welled up a bit. I felt like the 20-year-old who'd prance around in his home to the soundtrack of his favorite Police tracks... awww...
Considering the fact that these men were more than a decade older than me meant little as the power and energy of the performance rolled back the years. Stewart Copeland hit the drums so hard, it was unbelievable, Andy Summers displayed the deftness of touch that has influenced guitarists to this day and Sting still managed to hit the high notes on Roxanne.
For its encore, the band dived into King of Pain, So Lonely and the classic Every Breath You Take. But even that was not the end, as Summers hung around exhorting his mates to deliver one last number and launched into the riff for Next To You as Sting and Copeland returned to the set to deliver a blistering final number.
A truly unforgettable night...
Bloody awesome!

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Anonymous said...

what a wonderful concert. i can't decide which song I enjoyed the most... king of pain, wrapped around your finger, roxanne... great crowd for a great band :)