Friday, February 22, 2008


Has been a slow year (so far) personal music-wise. On the new music listening front, I've been alerted to the neo-Americana of the likes of Band of Horses, Grand Archives, Young Republic, Iron and Wine etc. Also, I have been (via emusic) reacquainting myself with the classic work of Canadian genius Bruce Cockburn. 
Go ahead - google, youtube, whatever.. go find out. I'll still be here when you get back...
Last night, I was recording guide tracks for the soundtrack of My Music. A bit of a departure for me as the soundtrack will be mainly acoustic guitar based. It's a real challenge but with Ric's direction, I surprised myself with interesting work.
Also, had two offers to gig in the upcoming months and it'll be interesting to work out some new songs and covers with the Groovy People soon. Stay tuned for more details.
So, yes, things are looking up...Gonna check out that Once DVD Ric passed me now. Maybe a review soon...
See you at Esplanade tomorrow night for B-Quartet?

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