Sunday, February 03, 2008


Bani Haykal began the gig by quoting from an ee cummings poem before B-Quartet launched into Alphanumeric and began a sonic and literary journey that sent the crowded Playden into raptures.
This highly anticipated gig to launch the magnificent B-Quartet debut album did not at any time disappoint. What was clearly evident from the opening song onwards was how tight the band was. Normally, bands may take a little time to warm up before hitting their stride but not so with B-Quartet. Phenomenal musicianship.
Reproducing every single track from the album almost perfectly, it was an awesome buzz to listen to Shoebox, Personal Space, Disp rs, Stupid Luxury and the absolute highlight of the night - Boutique. Personally, I was totally lost in the music, bopping to the beat, singing along to those gorgeous tunes and lapping up every little nuance. Oh joy!
Not only that, the band delivered a visceral Paranoid Android and a quaint Rainbow Connection (yup, that one!). In addition, each member had a moment in the spotlight with their own "monologue" - from Raizan's deft guitar pyrotechnics (smokin') to Hidir's brilliant vocal performance (man, is he talented!) to Faizal's sweet birthday song to his mom (awww) to Haykal's touching memories of his late father - don't worry, Haykal, it didn't bring the event down but put a human face (and heart) on it instead...
What more can I really say? Positively one of the best Singapore gigs in living memory and I hope and pray that it is only the beginning...
And a great shout out to all the groovy groovy people - Adam, Beni, Bonk, James, Inch, Saiful, Huzaifah, Soo, Takahiro, Shu Hoong, Syed, Audie, Fir, HQ, Aaron and Inch!

...still there's more...

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freakyfir said...

aww kevin. thanks for the shoutout! reading my name on your blog gives me quite a buzz haha!

i agree wholeheartedly. i thought the show was absolutely beautiful.

my pictures are up