Friday, June 25, 2010


And so Mr Loh Keng Fatt, News Editor, Sunday Times has weighed in with his considerable musical expertise that JJ Lin's YOG theme song is better than Ken Lim's one. You know, trying to make a sporting contest between two songs. Silly isn't he?

I have news for you - THEY BOTH SUCK! No need to elaborate any further about the JJ Lin song/video which has been pretty much universally HATED by most sensible people who have heard/viewed it. But what about "Everyone" (NOT "Everybody" as Mr Loh Keng Fatt erroneously states in his op-ed piece).

Sure, "Everyone" is less annoying than the "Oh Yeh" monstrosity BUT it is a generic ballad with a melody that you will forget the moment the song is over. Basically, what Ken Lim is best at - forgettable ballads - remember all his contributions to Singapore Idol - you don't? Hurm.

However, it's no surprise that most Singaporeans will favour "Everyone" as it's mostly sung by FOREIGNERS and you know Singaporeans' slavish adoration for all things FOREIGN right? So of course, people here like "Everyone". No brainer there.

As usual, Singaporeans' SELF-LOATHING when it comes to the arts and entertainment has resulted in works that will make us all a LAUGHING STOCK to the world. Once again.

Read Mr Loh Keng Fatt's article in its entirety here. If you really must.

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