Thursday, June 24, 2010


Don't worry, the above is only a picture - the video WON'T start playing if you clicked on it. I mean, I'd really like you to return to this blog one of these days. Heh!

I'm sure if you're living in Singapore and own a television set and actually watch it, you might have come across the above video, which is of the theme song for the upcoming Youth Olympics Games sung by Mandarin singer JJ Lin. I'm not sure what the intention of the organizers was but obviously, giving foreigners a good impression of Singapore music was NEVER on the agenda, I'd wager!

Yes, I'm saying that the song AND video both suck big time and sure you can blame JJ Lin all you like BUT what about the idiots who approved this travesty - who actually thought this embarrassing piece of crap was good enough?!!! What about those jokers?!!!

But they're probably thinking - it's only a fucking song and video, who gives a damn, right? Music isn't important enough for us to get it right. Singapore doesn't give a shit about stupid things like music, y'know - we're more concerned about matters that have commercial significance. You know, things that can actually make a buck and definitely Singapore music does not come into the equation.

And so, if you're a non-Singaporean and googled for "Singapore music" to find out what that is like, I'm sorry to say that whilst we have great bands/artists in Singapore, the music scene basically SUCKS. That's because by and large Singaporeans are SHEEP and are not capable of making their own decisions when it comes to most things, like choice of music. Therefore, Singaporeans only appreciate music that are made by foreigners and HATE music made by their fellow countrymen. 

That's not an exact science but its the experience of someone who has been playing music in Singapore for more than 20 years...

So fuck off - nothing here to see...

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