Wednesday, August 18, 2010


SUMMARYLike most bands around the world, Singapore bands tend to be influenced by music coming out of the USA and the UK. Leftover obviously prefers the sound of Northern England, with a nod to Embrace, Witness, Elbow and the Verve. More earthy than ethereal, Leftover come across as sincere and earnest and in Kuek, the band possesses a confident and talented vocalist that leads from the front, albeit with the occasional pitching lapse. Favouring midtempo rockers that seldom sets the pulse racing, Leftover’s reflective vibe is pleasing enough to raise great expectations for that full length debut.
KEY TRACKSEpiphany, Justina, Angels Over Asimuth
SOUNDS LIKEVerve, Elbow, Witness, Embrace, Travis

(From 2007)

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