Sunday, August 15, 2010


What is a TAB? 

Well, in musical terms, its shorthand for tablature, meaning "a form of musical notation indicating instrument fingering."

Which gives you a good indication of where TAB, the new music bar in town is all about. The music comes first, always.

To that end, much thought (and expenditure) has certainly gone into the stage and equipment at TAB's spanking premises at 422 Orchard Road. 

More than that, in terms of S-ROCK relevance, TAB has been - in its two-week-old existence supported original S-ROCK music more than most local bars and clubs have dared to venture with performances from Rachael Teo, Ugly in the Morning and Jon Chong supporting the two Artists-in-Residence so far viz. Angie Mattson and Chris Cope.

And there's of course, yours truly. Thanks to TAB I'll will be performing an hour-long gig for the 2nd time this month (and in my life!) on Tuesday, 17th August from 9.30pm to 10.30pm. 

So it's vital that S-ROCK musicians and fans support TAB even as TAB supports S-ROCK musicians. And see you on Tuesday, come up and say hi!

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