Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The original title of this blog was The Long and Winding Road - which, apart from being a Beatles song was also the title of a article that I contributed to a book about Singapore indie music (called No Finer Time To Be Alive) that was published in 1995. The article was a vanity piece, you might say, foreshadowing my blogging habits i.e. writing about myself.

Anyways, I'd thought that I'd continue the Long and Winding Road back in this S-ROCK blog and share with you, dear readers, my memories as prompted by magazine and newspaper cuttings. Hope that's okay with you :)

Ripped from a 1994 issue of 8 Days, you can read a short piece about me talking about the origins of My One and Only and my experience of performing the song at Zouk. Also if you look carefully at the right hand side, you'll see that Watchmen is above the likes of Mariah Carey, Radiohead and Stone Temple Pilots in the charts! Hahahaha! Note that My One and Only is #3 and the song was released in August 1993. Rather good staying power if I say so myself....

... still there's more ...

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