Wednesday, September 22, 2010


From the "pen" of Robin Chua (ex-Livonia, now Shelves)


Twang Bar Kings - Black Twang (Deluxe Edition)

It's with great pleasure & honour that I get to present to you here a little relic from Singapore's music scene: Black Twang by Twang Bar Kings. Those of you who know your music history well would know that the band's main two members are Don Bosco & Leslie Low. Bosco would later hook up with Mortal Flower's singer Adrian Ho to form Daze, while Leslie Low is the voice behind local legends Humpback Oak, & later on, The Observatory.

Originally released in 2006 via the band's official website, this deluxe edition now compiles together Black Twang (a collection of demos), as well as Brownblink by Jug, which is another one of Low's side project. There are also three more bonus tracks thrown in, with a rehearsal take on the Lennon / McCartney tune, "Forgiven". All the songs' quality may be fuzzy & lo-fi, but you can't deny the brilliance. Humpback Oak fans might wanna check out the Jug's versions of "Daddy In The Lift" & "Vein" contained in the second disc.


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