Monday, September 27, 2010


From left - Elfie (drums), Jack (keyboards), Jun (violin), Savvia (vocals), Andy (bass) & Rasen (guitar) - make up Age of Sinfonia (AOS), my Noise Apprentice for 2010-2011. I first saw AOS at the Baybeats auditions earlier this year and whilst the band did not make the cut ultimately, I was impressed by its symphonic rock-metal sound. 

Thus, I was pleasantly surprised when AOS appeared in the list of applications for Noise's Apprenticeship Program. I shortlisted AOS for the Noise TAP auditions and saw enough to select it as my apprentice.

I met the band members before meltgsnow's Black Penance album launch where AOS was the opening act and I was encouraged by the band's openness and willingness to learn. There are definitely areas that the band and I will be working together to improve. As usual, it will also be a learning experience for me and I'm certainly looking forward to the next 10 weeks and beyond.

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