Tuesday, September 14, 2010


S-ROCK is dead! Is it really? I beg to differ. Evidence that S-ROCK is alive and kicking was apparent to all that attended (granted, not many but so what?!) the *SCAPE Confessions series night last Friday, 10th September, when The Cheating Sons and Leeson put paid to conventional wisdom and rawked!!!

Both bands use familiar genre trappings (alt-country for the Cheating Sons, Brit-pop for Leeson) as a springboard for their original music. 

The Cheating Sons (above) are fairly new to the scene but you wouldn't think that, listening to them deliver their incendiary set. Composed mostly of songs off their upcoming debut album, the Sons' assimilation of alt-country elements in their indie rock music is refreshing to hear, in a scene dominated by jaded emo bands. 

Leeson continue to combine edgy pop with singalong tunes that are hard to resist to anyone who listens without prejudice. I surprised them with a request for The King which the band kindly performed with their usual gusto. Those tunes sure have legs...

If you like indie music that is a little off the beaten track (i.e. NOT emo), please check out the Cheating Sons and Leeson.

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