Monday, September 20, 2010

NOISE 2010

The auditions of Noise's The Apprenticeship Program (TAP) was conducted over seven hours on Saturday at Timbre, the Arts House. This is my third year as a mentor with TAP and every year is different and interesting. But what is consistent is the camaraderie shared amongst the mentors. This year Dave Tan (Electrico) joined Don Richmond, Jason Tan, Jon Chan, Patrick Chng and myself as we reviewed the 14 bands and singer-songwriters shortlisted for TAP. 

As usual, the mentors had loads of fun - cracking irreverent jokes and making humorous observations - as the bands and singer-songwriters had the difficult task of showcasing their talent and potential. The applicants had to perform two songs and then undergo rigorous interrogation (interview, really) by the mentors. The main thing we wanted to know was what the applicant hoped to achieve by joining TAP. 

After the auditions, each mentor had to select an applicant (or two) to take under his wing for the next 10 weeks under TAP. Well, as it turns out, everyone chose only one applicant, whilst I elected for two (!) and Jason and Don agreed to share one! Make sense? It will, trust me.

For me personally, once again, it was instinctive - following my gut - believing that there is something I could share with the applicants that would benefit them in their musical path. I'm pretty jazzed by my new apprentices and look forward to working with them pretty soon. Who did I choose? Now, that would be telling...

Pix by Jon Chan.

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