Wednesday, September 01, 2010


This is something I've always wanted to do - a tribute to some of favorite S-ROCK tunes and playing with some of my favorite people was simply icing on the cake!

The ladies - Narisa, Rachael and Su Yin - were not familiar with the songs at all, when we began but you would not know it at the performance. Their contributions were immense! It was also a thrill to sing the songs in front of the songwriters themselves viz Patrick Chng (Oddfellows) and Joseph Tan (Livonia) even if most of the audience were non plussed.

Throughout the gig, I could see that members of the audience were enjoying the songs and swaying along and that was satisfying believe me. If only this was a common place scenario in pubs and bars across our little red out - one day! 

I also want to especially mention the awesome folk at Esplanade viz Clarence, Delvin and Ann for making this tribute possible in the first place. Thank you all! The Concourse is now a proper venue with the raised platform and the lights and the sound is great - I love playing there, it's like performing in my living room - so relaxed!

Also want to thank those who attended especially, Patrick, Ivan, Joseph and Kenneth. Of course, a great big thank you to the songwriters for the great S-ROCK music! 

Set List: Circling Square (Humpback Oak) / Foggy Daylight (Oddfellows) / Radio Station (Padres) / Goodil (Stoned Revivals) / Vengeance is Mine (Livonia) / Late Night Request (Great Spy Experiment) / Train Song (Fire Fight)

... still there's more ...

Pictures/videos by Patrick Chng. Enjoy...

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