Saturday, September 11, 2010


I've been to my fair share of S-ROCK gigs. I always look around at the people attending these gigs. If I come across an unfamiliar face, I try to figure out why that person is at the gig - is he or she a fellow musician, manager, photographer, blogger, organizer or someone else related to the band in some capacity (like family member or friend). 

I know what you're thinking? Why can't the person actually be a FAN of the band? Because it is so rare to come across a person who attends an S-ROCK gig and is NOT one of those aforementioned things. I mean, really. 

BUT, if I attended a gig by a foreign band then you are likely to find FANS in attendance. You can recognize them as the ones who jostle for space at the front of the stage, scream at every movement, jump and down like drunken folk with every song and queue up for hours to have their CDs/merch autographed. 

Again, you're thinking - c'mon there must be some actual S-ROCK fans, right? Yeah, but discounting the various interested parties outlined above, how many are there really? Can I count them on one hand? So who are you, S-ROCK fan? S-ROCK would like to recognize you! Please leave a comment, if that's YOU indeed!

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Joe90 said...

I am one. I am/was first and foremost a fan of the band/artist first before I get/got to know them as friends. Cheers!