Tuesday, October 12, 2010


If nothing else, the journey on the long and winding road is all about people. When I decided to submit the Watchmen demo to BigO magazine, writer Yong Shu Hoong was assigned to interview me and come up with the Ruff Cuts article you see above.

I also remember Kelley Cheng (who was then really very young) taking photographs of me with my first guitar (a Yamaha nylon stringed) at the void deck at my old Marine Parade flat. I was 30 when the photo was taken (which makes it 1991 - almost 20 years ago!), totally clueless of what was to come. Heh.

But interestingly enough, Shu Hoong is now (like me) an Academic Associate at Republic Polytechnic and we intend to meet up tomorrow at the Poly for coffee at day's end. Strange how things come full circle.

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