Saturday, October 30, 2010


It happened 16 years ago but it still feels like yesterday... how did something like this happen? I remember when I received the phone call from The New Paper and I could not believe what was happening. The resulting TNP article below lists out the accusations against me that my former friends made. A sad chapter of my life but worth remembering so that history is not allowed to repeat. Hurm.


Kevin Mathews of the Watchmen may sing about My One And Only. But he is not the only one who should be given credit for it, as far as his bandmates are concerned.

Brothers Tony and James Makarome, the other two members of the popular Singaporean band, want the public to know that.

They wrote an open letter to the press recently about it.

"Kevin Mathews is not the only guy in the Watchmen," James, 32, told The New Paper in a telephone interview from the University of Maryland in the US.

"The Watchmen are three. We're disappointed that Kevin has failed to acknowledge us in public."

Mathews has denied this. The Watchmen's hit, My One And Only, was written and sung by Mathews. The song is in the Watchmen's first CD, Democracy, released in July on the Odyssey label. The album has sold more than 1,000 copies.

In their letter, the brothers said Mathews had "continually" implied in interviews that the other two members of the Watchmen have "somehow disappeared". They were especially disappointed with his remark, on SBC's Live On 5 (aired on March 1), that he had "got rid" of his bandmates, saying he had "accidentally dropped them into the Indian Ocean".

"Just because we're not around doesn't mean we fail to exist," said James. He said Tony, 33, a student at the University of South Carolina, had written to Mathews in Singapore several times, but he had brushed aside their queries. Mathews said it wasn't true.

Said James: "In his letters, he just told us about how well Democracy was doing. Once he said he didn't even know I played on some of our demos."

James said he did not telephone Mathews as he did not have his number. He did not know if Tony had it. The brothers have known Mathews since their secondary school days back in Anglo Chinese School and have played together for almost 20 years.

"We were part of a five-man band called The Hornets," said James. "The Watchmen was formed in 1989."

Tony played on Democracy. His contribution is acknowledged on the album's credit notes. James was in the US when the album was recorded and did not play in it but his name is mentioned in the list of "thank-yous" in the album notes. The brothers want to set the record straight.

"All we're trying to do is to clarify with the press and the public that there are three guys in Watchmen," said James. "It's only fair to us and to those who may be following our music."


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