Saturday, October 09, 2010


I have now met my Noise apprentices (Vanessa Faith & Age of Sinfonia) a couple of times and already I sense a stronger connection between us which has left me feeling very satisfied with the encounters thus far.

For Age of Sinfonia, in addition to the planning for the upcoming recording and showcase, I have been pleased to be of assistance to the band as they prepare for their upcoming debut EP launch. I have heard the EP and I am right pleased with what I am hearing. Good dose of neo-progressive symphonic rock, which is unique in our neck of the woods and hopefully will get AOS the attention it seeks overseas.

With Van it's been a sharing experience as she is exposed to different genres of music and thought challenges concerning the concepts of songwriting and arrangements. These lessons serve to add on to her already impressive songwriting and performing abilities. I am definitely interested to do more with Van but taking it one week at a time.

Anyways, that's where we are two weeks into Noise 2010 - stay tuned for more updates...

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